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Brother John

This time and the past few playing has taken enough mental work from her that she hasn’t sung along. When I take the uke and play she sings along. That’s a really interesting metric of her cognitive abilities. Can/does she feel confident enough to coordinate the instrument and her voice at the same time.

When I played the second round and Grandma sang Grandpa played the maraca. I had hoped he would also sing along, but he doesn’t sing unless I pull up words on the computer screen so that he can read them. I certainly don’t mind doing this for him, but I don’t have the words for Brother John somewhere where I can easily pull them up. I’m really curious about why he only wants to read lyrics instead of reciting them from memory.

Saturday Night

I love her laugh in this. After we finish the song we have an exchange about going outside. I’m ashamed of the tone of my voice in this. This is a common difficulty we encounter every few days this time of year. It was really sunny out and looked very nice. But this was a cool day and later in the evening so it was in the low 40’s outside. Too cold to go sit outside.

Donkey Riding

She jumps right in on the chorus like usual. We play around some with ad libbing but we didn’t get too far today. I worry our repetoir is getting boring to listen to. I need to learn new songs I feel.