149 words // 0 minute read Author: [Dorian Wood] // Published: 2021-11-27
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This post is going live with some tweaks to the website layout! I’ve moved site navigation stuff to a side bar rather then being pinned to the top. And it moves to the bottom on narrow screens! I really like that behavior, feels very professional ha.

I’ve also put in displaying tags on individual blog posts like this one. They are displayed in the sidebar on appropriate pages. I’m not sure if tags will actually help people navigate my page better or not. I think it’s probably something that’s better to have as I continute to post. For now the one really meaningful one is the book-review tag, since that’s the one I’ve been posting in the most.

I’ve still got some flow issues to address, some pages look wonky and I’m not sure why. Also I’m planning on adding breadcrumbs to posts, to better signify some site structure.