Welcome to my website! Here is where I post things that I’ve created and share my ideas. There’s no specific theme or topic for the content, just whatever happens to interest me at the time or falls under the umbrella of some project. I know the site tends to look a little weird, but I’ve always loved weird websites. I could go grab a Hugo theme that someone else made and it would look much more professional, but my favorite thing about having my own website is just cobbling together my own stuff.

Here is a link to my git repos: Mxd7428

The links at the top are where you should go if you want to read more, here’s what you can expect to find at each:

  1. Articles: Long form articles that I write about whatever topic interests me.
  2. Blog: My personal blog, which is more or less a public diary.
  3. Music: My Grandparents and I have been recording some folk music at home. Give it a listen!
  4. Projects: Ongoing projects/code/websites that I’m currently maintaining.


Email: dorian at this domain
Mastodon: @dorian@litterae.social
Matrix: @dorian:threeraccoons.xyz
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